Welcome to our homestead on the web

Most of you already know us, but we are the Toomeys v2 (internet geeks)! We are just starting out together, it seemed like it was time to start posting our “happenings” to keep everyone informed, and document our new adventure together ! We invite you to comment, question, take a peek at our photos, and get involved!

Quick Facts

The Toomeys: Colin, Cara, Winston, and Jax
The Wedding: Sept 6th 2008
The Bricks and Mortar homestead: San Francisco, CAEast Bay, Sf Bay area
We are internet dorks and we love to travel, see movies, and ski together.
We hail from opposite coasts
We are looking to adopt a child.

Our Next “little project”:
Increase the Toomey household. We are looking to adopt a child through open adoption. Check out our profile www.iheartadoption.org/users/toomey2.

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