New Year, New post, and some faith.

New Year, New post, and some faith.

So, I know I have been horribly neglectful of this little blog. BUT I come back bearing good news. We have officially turned in all required paper work, and we should be “live” for matching at some point this upcoming week.

This is both very exciting and VERY scary. It is exciting of course because Colin and I both want very much to be parents, and share the love in our little family. This ambiguous time line, however, drives my “planning” self crazy. We don’t know WHEN exactly we could be chosen. It could be 2 weeks after being “live” and out there, or it could be two years. It is a difficult balance to be “hopeful’ and plan, and to be practical and wait until you have concrete evidence has arrived that the process is moving forward.
Do we buy a car seat, make nursery plans, get a let up on checking out pre schools? A lot of people have 9 months to think these things through and have a date in mind to finish by. We have NO clue how long it will be until we are united with our tiny human.
In the end all can do is try to strike a balance and know that even if we are “ill prepared” we WILL be able to get everything we absolutely MUST have easily and quickly, and the rest will fall into place. We just have to have faith. =) Hold onto your seats, 2011 should be filled with adventure.

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  1. StefanieK says:

    So excited for you guys! I hope your lucky little baby finds you quickly!

  2. Cala-Dece says:

    So exciting! Even if you do get a surprise before you’re totally prepared, you’ll be fine!

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