A few weeks ago I read through a few of the medical records that my  in laws had sent to my husband from when he was little. I was very impressed that they had so many of them. I don’t think my parents have mine from that far back (in fact, I’m sure they don’t as my mother frequently laments that she did not get a copy of my file from the hospital that I was born at that no longer is in operation.

It was quite an eye opening experience. I knew most of it, but it was funny to see in print some of the things they said about him as a kid that still hold true today (small appetite, anyone ?!)

Hubs was born premature (around 32 weeks) and weighed just only over 3 pounds, and had several complications to his health due to this. I also have some health issues, so we both spent more time in doctor’s office then the average child, and both of us have to make sure to monitor our health carefully.

I fee this makes us more sensitive each other’s needs and feelings about health care,  and our shared experiences help us  to empathize with each other.
Reading a little blurb from one of the records about his mother’s pregnancy and his birth definitely made me think on this again, and realize that this husband of mine is quite the little miracle. Born smaller than the average thanksgiving turkey, and in the NICU for 7 months, I am so happy he has grown and developed into the thoughtful, understanding, sometimes goofy fabulous man who I love very much. and I’m so happy he came into the world and found his way to me.

What are some factors that you think help you and your partner understand and bond with each other ?



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